Ethical dilemma

Jessica is the accounts payable clerk for Jiffy Delivery Service. This company runs 10 branches in the San Diego area. The company pays for a variety of expenses.Jessica writes the checks for each of the vendors and the controller signs the checks. Jessica has decided she needs a raise and the controller has told her to waitfor six months. Jessica has devised a plan to get a raise on her own. She creates a new vendor for her friend's buisness with the name Jack car Detailing. She alsocreates two purchase orders for car detailing service for Jacks for $75 and $70. She writes checks to Jack car Detailing to pay these invoices. She know the controllerwill sign all checks in his bank account. Jack then writes a check to her for $145. Is this a good way for Jessica to obtain a raise? Is it an ehtical practice?Eventually what will be the effect of Jessicas actions? What can the company do to precent this type of behavior?


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