Equipotential Surfaces and Electric Field Lines

In lab we had to draw equipotential and electric field lines using a voltmeter on conductive paper in two different ways: a point charge and a line charge set up. Wehad to calculate the potential difference between equipotential lines using DeltaV=Ed. We were supposed to get similar numbers, which I did. Now, I'm just havingtrouble answering the questions. Help!

Question 1 The two field strengths you just calculated for the lines should be close to the same value. Why is that? What can you say about the electric field betweenthe lines?
Question 2 If you tried the Number Crunching part on the Point Charge set-up, would you get numbers that have the same value? What does this tell you about theelectric field in between the point charges?
Question 3 Describe [or draw] what the field lines would look like between point charges that are set up with potentials of 20 volts and 30 volts [instead of 0 voltsand 10 volts].


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