Equilibrium ICE 2

Consider the following reaction for which K = 1.60 x 10-7 at some temperature:

2 NOCl (g) 2 NO (g) + Cl2(g)

In a given experiment, 0.923 moles of NOCl(g) were placed in an otherwise empty 1.93 L vessel.
Since K is very small, K = 1.60 x 10-7, very little product will be present at equilibrium, which tells us that very little NOCl will react to reach equilibrium.Because of this, the equilibrium concentration of NOCl will remain, essentially, at its initial concentration. Making this assumption, calculate the equilibriumconcentration of NO.

I don't know how to calculate this.
I did through the step that I made the table using x but I don't know how to find x from that equations.


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