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Timber Regrowth. A problem in timber management is to determine how much of an area to leave uncut so that the harvested area is reforest in a certain period of time.It is assumed that reforestation takes place at a known rate per year, depending on climate and soil conditions. A reforestation equation expresses this growth as afunction of the amount of timber standing and the reforestation rate. For example, if 100 acres are left standing after harvesting and the reforestation rate is 0.05,then 105 acres forested at the end of the first year. At the end of the second year, the number of acres forested is 110.25 acres. if year0 is the acreage forested,then
year1= year0 + rate*year0= year0*(1+rate)
year2= year1 + rate*year1= year1*(1+rate)= year0*(1+rate)*(1+rate)=year0*(1+rate)^2
year3= year2 +rate*year2 = year2*(1+rate)= year0*(1+rate)^3
yearn = year0*(1+rate)^n
a) Assume that there are 14000 acres total, with 2500 uncut acres and that the reforested rate is 0.02. Print a table showing the number of acres reforested at the endof each year for a total of 20 years. Your should also present your results in a bar grapg, labeled appropriatyly.
b) Modify the program developed in part (a) so that the user can enter the number of year to be used for the table.
c)Modify the program developed in part (a) so tht the user can enter a number of acres, and the program will determine how many years are required for the number ofacres to be forested. (you'll need a loop for this one)

Using matlab please


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