Design a program

Hollywood Movie Rating Guide, in which users continuously enter a value from 0 to 4 that indicates the number of stars they are awarding to the Guide's featured movieof the week. The program executes continuously until a user enters a negative number to quit. If a user enters a star value that does not fall in the correct range,reprompt the user continuously until a correct value is entered. At the end of the program, display the average rating for the movie.

Modify the movie-rating program so that a user gets three tries to enter a valid rating. After three incorrect entries, the program issues an appropriate message andcontinues with a new user.

Modify the movie-rating program so that the user is prompted continuously for a movie title until ZZZZZ is entered. Then, for each movie,continuously acceptstar-rating values until a negative number is entered. Display the average rating for each movie.


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