design a forced-air cooling system

A company owns a refrigeration system whose refrigeration
capacity is 200 tons (1 ton of refrigeration = 211 kJ/min),
and you are to design a forced-air cooling system for fruits
whose diameters do not exceed 7 cm under the following
conditions: The fruits are to be cooled from 28ºC to an
average temperature of 8ºC. The air temperature is to remain
above –2ºC and below 10ºC at all times, and the velocity of
air approaching the fruits must remain under 2 m/s. The
cooling section can be as wide as 3.5 m and as high as 2 m.
Assuming reasonable values for the average fruit density,
specific heat, and porosity (the fraction of air volume in a
box), recommend reasonable values for the quantities
related to the thermal aspects of the forced-air cooling,
including (a) how long the fruits need to remain in the
cooling section, (b) the length of the cooling section, (c) the
air velocity approaching the cooling section, (d) the product
cooling capacity of the system, in kg fruit/h, (e) the volume
flow rate of air, and (f) the type of heat exchanger for the
evaporator and the surface area on the air side.


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