Dehydration experiment

In a dehydration experiment a student uses MgSO4*nH20. The student placed an evaporating dish which contained 3.8457 g of MgSO4*nH20 in an oven at 110 degrees Celcius.At the temperature, some but not all the water in this hydrate was lost. When a constant mass was achieved, the salt weighed 2.4402 g.

The dish was placed back in the oven at 160 degrees C and the residue became a constant mass of 1.8779 g. Stronger heating produced no further loss in mass so we canassume all the water was evaporated. Assume this final residue is completely anhydrous compound.

The water is lost in molecular steps and the formulas must be written with integers and not fractions:

a. What is the formula of the 1.8779g sample?
b. What is the formula of the 2.4402g sample?
c. What is the formula of the 3.8457g sample?


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