Define a population and state how a sample might be obtained for problems A-E:

Do I have the correct answers to the following problems? If not, what is the correct answer &why?

A) the average cost of an airline meal is $4.55 (my answer; the population is U.S. commericial airlines; cluster sampling method)

B) more than 1 in 4 US children have cholesterol levels of 180 milligrams or higher (my answer: population is US children; stratified sampling)

C) Every 10 minutes, 2, people die in car crashes and 170 are injured (my answer: population is people who died by car crashes; clustersampling

D) When older people with mild moderate hypertension were given mineral salt for 6 months, the average blood presure reading dropped by 8 point systolic and 3point diastolic (my anwer: population is older people with hypertension; stratified sampling)

E) The average amount spent per gift for Mom on Mother's Day is $25.95 (my answer: population is US retail stores; cluster sampling)


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