Defect Rate

One criterion used to evaluate employees in the assembly section of a large factory is the number of defective pieces per 1,000 parts produced.The quality control department wants to find out whether there is a relationship between years of experience and defect rate. Since the job is repetitious, afterthe initial training period any improvement due to a learning effect might be offset by a loss of motivation. A defect rate is calculated for each worker in ayearly evaluation. The results for 100 workers are given in the table below.

Referring to Table, find the rejection region necessary for testing at the 0.05 level of significance whether there is a relationship betweendefect rate and years of experience.

Years Since Training Per

< 1year 1-4 Years

High 6 9


Low 78

A. Reject H0 if chi-square >16.919

B. Reject H0 if chi-square >15.507

C. Reject H0 if chi-square >11.143

D. Reject H0 if chi-square >9.488


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