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One of nature’s patterns connects the percent of adult birds in a colony that return from the previous year and the number of new adults that join the colony. Here aredata for 13 colonies of sparrowhawks: Percent returning New adults Percent returning New adults Percent returning New adults 74 5 62 15 46 18 66 6 52 16 60 19 81 8 4517 46 20 52 11 62 18 38 20 73 12 There is a linear relationship between the percent x of adult sparrowhawks that return to a colony from the previous year and thenumber y of new adult birds that join the colony. Data Set 3. Find the correlation r for these data (Give the answer to two decimal points). The straight-line patternis moderately strong. Answer 4. Find the least-squares regression line for predicting y from x: A. ? = ?0.304 + 31.934x B. ? = 31.934 ? 0.304x C. ? = 0.304 ? 31.934×5. An ecologist uses the line, based on 13 colonies, to predict how many birds will join another colony, to which 69% of the adults from the previous year return. Whatis the prediction? Give your answer to two decimal places, and use the regression line exactly as it appears in your choice in the previous question to avoid roundofferrors.


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