Calculate molar concentrations when given Ksp, concentration of another ion, and equation.

A. Calculate the solubility (milligrams per liter) of Zn2Fe(CN)6, which dissociates as follows with Ksp = 2.1E10-16.

Answered (correct): 1.3 mg/L

Zn2Fe(CN)6(s) –>2 Zn2+ + Fe(CN)64- (Ferrocyanide)

B. Calculate the molar concentration of ferrocyanide in a solution of 0.031 M ZnSO4 saturated with Zn2Fe(CN)6. ZnSO4 will be completely dissociated into Zn2+ andSO42-

Answered (wrong): 6.77E-15 M

C. What molar concentration of K4Fe(CN)6 should be added to a suspension of solid Zn2Fe(CN)6 in water to give [Zn2+] = 6.9 10-7 M?

Answered (wrong): 6.9E-7 M

So I need help with B &C.


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