C++ program to simulate a game of Blackjack between two to four players. Your program must…

C++ program to simulate a game of Blackjack between two to four players. Your program must incorporate a two-dimensional array to represent the suit and the value ofeach card dealt to a player, keep track of which cards have been dealt to which player, and use a random-number generator to pick each card to be dealt to aplayer.
// Assignment: Two-Dimensional Arrays
// Description: The program will use a 2D array and a random-number
// generation to play Blackjack and keep track of a playing-card deck.
// Input: User data entry and a playing-card deck represented as a two-
// dimensional array
// Output: A screen display showing the current card hands of each player
// and the dealer, their score, win and lose status, and a final representation
// of the card deck after the game is over
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <windows.h>
using namespace std;
void main (void)
bool bPlayerDraw[5]; //Boolean to determine if player holds (F)
//or draws card (T)
char cPlay = 'N'; //Character variable for play game input
char cCardDeck[4][13]; //Character array representing the card deck
int iCard; //Card array index
//0 = 2 card
//1 = 3 card
//2 = 4 card
//3 = 5 card
//4 = 6 card
//5 = 7 card
//6 = 8 card
//7 = 9 card
//8 = 10 card
//9 = jack card
//10 = queen card
//11 = king card
//12 = ace card
int iNumberOfDraws = 0; //Number of rounds of card draws
int iSuit; //Suit array index
//0 = diamonds
//1 = hearts
//2 = clubs
//3 = spades
// ASCII character display reference for display card suit symbols
//3 = heart symbol
//4 = diamond symbol
//5 = club symbol
//6 = spade symbol
int iNumberOfPlayers = 0;//Number of players in current game
int iPlayerCount[5]; //Integer array to holder each player's count
//iPlayer[0] is always the dealer
int iHighestCount = 0; //Highest count for a single game
int k, m; //integer loop counters
srand(GetTickCount()); //Seed the random-number generator
//Main game loop
//Enter your code here…


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