C++ pizza structure problem

I missed the day we had lecture over this so I'm in over my head here on this. Help would be much appreciated and this is due at 11:59 EST 12/2/2011….yup thats in 3hours and I have thrown in the towel and am asking for help.

Define a class called Pizza that has member variables to track the type of pizza (deep dish, hand tossed, or pan) along with the size (small, medium, or large) and thenumber of pepperoni or cheese toppings. You can use constants to represent the type and size. Include mutator (set) and accessor (get) functions for your class. Createa void function, outputDescription( ), that outputs a textual description of the pizza object. Also include a function, computePrice(), that computes the cost of thepizza and returns it as a double according to the rules:
• Small pizza = $10 + $2 per topping
• Medium pizza = $14 + $2 per topping
• Large pizza = $17 + $2 per topping
Write a suitable test program that creates and outputs a description and price of various pizza objects.


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