bullet fired into wooden block (energy conservation)

Please help!A bullet of mass m_b is fired horizontally with speed v_i at a wooden block of mass m_w resting on a frictionless table. The bullet hitsthe block and becomes completely embeddedwithin it. After thebullet has come to rest within the block, the block, with thebullet in it, is traveling at speed v_f.MLM_in_2.jpg1. Which of the following best describesthis collision?a. perfectly elasticb. partially inelasticc. perfectly inelastic2. Which of the following quantities, if any, areconserved during this collision?a. kinetic energy onlyb. momentum onlyc. kinetic energy and momentumd. neither momentum nor kinetic energy3. What is the speed of the block/bullet systemafter the collision?Express your answer in termsof v_i, m_w, and m_b.


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