Basic statistics. Identifying each quantitative variable as discrete or continuous.“`

Identifying each quantitative variable as discrete or continuous.

1. Number of foreigners migrating to the Philippines every year.
2. Length of hair of female students.
3. The boiling point of water is 100 degree Celsius.
4. Her home telephone number is 2581376
5. John’s height is 168 cm.
6. The number of children with missing/decayed teeth in Barangay A is 2000.
7. The following data are the densities of sampe substances taken from Tabing-Ilog river (in g/cc): 23.6, 19.8, 15.0, 7.8, 1.6, and 2.4.
8. The average speed of motorboats cruising in Manila Bay every day is 50 m/s.
9. Anxiety level of 8 selected grade one pupils in MCU elementary school.
Maria – low
Luisa – average
Lana – High
Sandy – Low
Marissa- Low
Maridel – Low

10. Religion of 5 job applicant at &&&company.
Applicant A – roman Catholic
Applicant B – Jehovah ’s Witness
Applicant C – Roman catholic
Applicant D – seventh day Adventist
Applicant E – Baptist


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