Bag complaints

Bag Complaints gives the number of days it took to resolve a random sample of 50 complaints concerning airline baggage handling.

a. Construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean number of days between receipt of a complaint and resolution of the complaint.

b. Explain the meaning of the interval you constructed in part (a).

c. What sample size would be needed to limit the margin of error to ±5 days with 95% confidence? Use the sample standard deviation rounded to the nearest number ofdays to estimate the population standard deviation.

Referring to problem "A"

d. What assumption must you make about the population distribution in order to construct the confidence interval in (a)?

e. Do you think the assumption needed in order to construct the interval estimate in (a) is valid? Explain and support your conclusion.

f. What effect might your conclusion in (b) have on the validity of the results in (a)?


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