"A Raisin in the Sun" analyzing essay please correct my grammar and other mistakes?

A Raisin in the Sun is a thoughtful and realistic play that brings into consideration an African-American family that struggles for equality within a mainstreamsociety and how their different dreams differed under pressure of both racism and prejudice. The author talks about “the Younger” to highlight the theme but not onlychampioning the relationship between the family members but also the inherent conflicts. However, among the five family members, the most conspicuous character is Mamadue to forces, nature and personality difference. Thus, the aim this review is to analyze Mama’s personality.
The most evident thing is that Mama appreciates her family, and has a sense of motherhood. This means that she loves her family in a kinder version and in a positivemanner. Mama has numerous dreams for the family, and the most evident is the aim moving from poverty into a live that meets some of their needs without the kind ofstruggle that they have. Mama wants her family to move to an improved house, and to champion the values of family institution. The love that she has can be seen in theway she cares for the plant – Mama’s plant since she cares for the plant as though it is one of her own kids. Moreover, like Mama, her children have competing plansand dreams in which all of the aim to achieve even though they are not financially strong. These competing dreams are stressed through out the play by the motif –Mama’s plant.
The influence of Mama’s plant can be seen in the opening of the scene where Mama nurtures. By doing this, the mother instill the value of family unity, importance ofworking together, and at the same time functioning optimally. Moreover, the plant symbolizes the dreams of having their own house, and this idea can be extrapolatedwhen Mama uses her money to pay partially for a house in a white neighborhood.
The last born in a family of five is Beneatha who aims and aspires to be a doctor. Since Mama has numerous dreams including her children been independent and emergefrom the kind of poverty that they are in, she decides to use the small insurance money to fund Beneatha schooling. This idea of using her insurance money to supporther daughter shows the idea of motherhood. Even though Beneatha had not found her identity because of trying different hobbies while dating completely different men,her sense of identity found new meaning when Asagai, one of the men friends, educated her of her not being very independent, and thus, Beneatha decides to concentrateher studies, and also she asked Mama for marriage permission.
Another member of family who Mama shows motherly love and aim of being successful is Walter. Walter, based on unity and (financial) continuity, decides to request theinsurance money to start a business. Walter aims at buying the family a house and happiness after he starts the business, an idea that Mama accepts because he hatesseeing Walter suffer, and hence shows that Mama has a caring heart. Mama trust and admires her children and this is evident when she decides to give Walter all themoney including Beneatha fees to keep in the bank. However, Willy ran off with all the money and all the dreams were shattered, Mama’s personality is evident when shetalks to Beneatha.
Mama tells Beneatha if though most things do not go as how they had planned, usually there is something that is left to love. For example, some questions that she asksher daughter includes when is the most appropriate moment to love somebody the most is it when the person has done good and ensures that things are easier foreverybody. Mama tells her daughter that the most appropriate time is someone is at her or his lowest moments when they cannot believe in themselves because the worldhas whipped them. This view is elaborated in the manner Mama feels about the plant. Mama knows that the plant can survive through all difficulties ranging from itslowest moment to when it is withered, and the family can take similar stance. Doubled with motherly love, Mama gives unconditional love to her family whatever thecircumstances resulting in a situation that Beneatha sees strengths of her brother, Walter, even though he had let her down initially.
Another personality that is evident is her religiousness. An incident that clearly indicates her religious character is when she tells her daughter “In (Mama’s) house,there is still God” (51), this is when the daughter refuses to appreciate the power of God. Apart from her religious nature, Mama is a very ambitious woman, which isevident in the way that she insists in living in Clybourne Park. Her determination of to move to the white community shows that she wants to make a difference for herfamily and the entire community of African-American.


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