A person with a square face shape and a rectangle body shape has what bodyline

1. A person with a square face shape and a rectangle body shape has what bodyline?

A. Straight

B. Sharp-straight.(yes)

C. Soft-straight

D. Soft-straight II

2. A suit with rounded lapels and a shawl collar would work best for a woman with a _______ bodyline.

A. straight

B. soft-straight.(yes)

C. curved.

D. sharp straight

3. According to your text Always in Style, what color of blouse should be included in every wardrobe


A. Only a blouse that matches your color type

B. White

C. Red

D. Beige.(yes)

4. What secondary personal choices work best for those with a primary cool characteristic?

A. Deep, light, warm, or cool.(yes)

B. Bright, light, deep, or muted

C. Muted, bright, cool, or warm

D. Deep, light, bright, or muted

5. Which of the following is a personality characteristic of someone who feels comfortable with the high

fashion look?

A. Someone who keeps their skirt length the same each year.

B. Someone who loves the unexpected.

C. Someone who is shy and reserved.

D. Someone who has had the same or similar hairstyle for several years.(yes)

6. Someone with a long neck should wear

A. high collars. .

B. open necklines.

C. scarves tied low.(yes)

D. V necks.

7. In terms of style, wearing clothes in proper scale means

A. being able to wear expensive clothes in a smaller size.

B. being able to wear the smallest size possible.

C. wearing clothes in proportion to you.(yes)

D. wearing clothes that fit snugly.

8. The type of bodyline that can wear the maximum amount of texture is

A. straight.

B. soft-straight.

C. curved(yes).

D. sharp-straight.

9. Someone with well-defined, narrow, thin, small lips would be said to have _______ facial features.

A. fine.(yes)

B. average

C. broad.

D. medium

10. A houndstooth jacket would work well with which of the following bodylines?

A. Straight.(yes)

B. Curved

C. Soft-straight.

D. Soft-curved


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