A geiger-mueller tube is a radiation detector … (Physics-Electricity) serway 8th ch 25 prob 66

A geiger-mueller tube is a radiation detector that consists of a closed, hollow, metal cylinder (the cathode) of inner radius ra and a coaxial cylindrical wire(the anode) of radius rb. The charge per unit length on the anode is lambda, and the charge per unit unit length on the cathode is -lambda. (a) show that themagnitude of the electric potential difference between the wire and the cylinder is (Delta V=2klambda ln(ra/rb))

(b) show that the magnitude of the electric field in the space between cathode and anode is

(E=Delta V/ln(ra/rb)*(1/r))

where r is the distance from the axis of the anode to the point where the field is to be calculated.


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