A 28 g ball rolls around a 44 cm diameter L-shaped track, shown in Figure Ex7.16, at 60 rpm….

A 28 g ball rolls arounda 44 cm diameter L-shaped track,shown in Figure Ex7.16, at 60 rpm. What is the magnitude of the netforce that the trackexerts on the ball? Rolling friction can beneglected.
I am stuckon this problem? This is what I thought the solution was, butapparently not:
ω = 60/60 * 2pi rad/s;r = 0.22 m; m = 0.028 kg
Fx = mω^2r
Fy = mg
F = sqrt(Fx^2 + Fy^2)
Which gave me an answer of0.2744N
Any guidance would beappreciated.


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