7.43 Yosemite Falls and Conservation of Energy

The total height of Yosemite Falls is 2425 ft.

a. How many more joules of gravitational potential energy are there for each kilogram of water at the top of this waterfall compared with each kilogram of water at thefood of the falls?

b. Find the kinetic energy and speed of each kilogram of water as it reaches the base of the waterfall, assuming that there are no losses due to friction with the airor rocks and that the mass of water had negligible vertical speed at the top. How fast (in m/s and mph) would a 70 kg person have to run to have that much kineticenergy?

c. How high would Yosemite Falls have to be so that each kilogram of water at the base had twice the kinetic energy you found in part b; twice the speed you found inpart b?


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