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Q. A determined student walks off the top of the CN Tower inToronto, which is 553m high, and falls freely. His initial velocityis zero. The Rocketeer arrives at thescene 5s later and dives ofthe top of the tower to save the student. The rockereer leaves theroof with a downward speed Vo. In order to catch thestudent and to preventinjury to him the Rocketeer should catch thestudent at a sufficiently great height above ground so that theRocketeer and the student slow down and arrive at the groundwithzero velocity. The upward acceleration that accomplishes this isprovided by the Rocketeer's jet pack, which he turns on just as hecatches the student; before thenthe Rocketeer is in free fall. Toprevent discomfort to the student, the magnitude of theacceleration of the Rocketeer and the student as they move downwardtogethershould be no more than 5g.

a) What is the minimum height above ground at which therocketeer should catch the student?

b) What must the Rocketeer's initial downward speed be sothat he catches the student at the minimum height found in part(a)?


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